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How to start a journal right. Well I have tried this a lot of times and most of the times I just quit before I really start because what do I want to share with the world? I mean I’m not really an interesting person, I don’t travel a lot, I don’t sing or make youtube video’(this mainly because I’m camera shy) so what in the world do I share with the world?

Well I can give you the basics, so let’s just start with that. My name is Jacqueline and I’m 28 years old(yes I’m a 80’s/90’s person, Woohoo) I live in the Netherlands or Holland and no they are not two different countries(Don’t get smart with me because a lot of people think they are two different countries)I had a terrible youth, well let’s be honest I didn’t really have one but that’s a story for later. I’m NOT skinny or slender or fit, I’m just normal and I do have overweight and is this my own fault, yes it is.(I love food) I’m obsessed with tv shows and I don’t like entertaining people, am I Emo? No I’m not I just like spending time with myself, why are you asking well to be completely honest I don’t really know, why this is, the only thing I do know is that visiting friends gives me stomach ache(this disappears usually when I walk into the house). I know weird right.

If I’m with friends, I am talkative and I do invest time in everyone. I laugh, I do crazy stuff(under influence of alcohol usually) but I can also be the quiet one, observing everyone. I love movies and reading books, If I could make a job out of reading books without getting a degree, well than sign me up.

Am I single? NO, I’m not! I am engaged to the most wonderful guy ever and I wouldn’t trade him for anything(well maybe if vampires existed and I was destined to be with a vampire)No I’m joking or am I, well no time now to talk about that because I’m still introducing myself aren’t I? I love the Spring and Summer, I love the sun and I get muddy as soon as winter is showing herself or himself. I have four tattoos and there is going to be a fifth one, I can tell you that it will be a thistle, why you ask, well because I love Scotland and I think it’s a beautiful flower/plant. I also have two cats, whom I love with my life, I love to write as well and I want to be an author but before I can really send anything I’m still practicing on writing Fan Fiction, which is going great. I am working on my last Fan Fiction story and when that is finished I will start writing for real.

If you want to read anything I have written, just head over to My Fan Fiction, you can find my stories there and yes they are about One Direction but is that really important as they are written in an Alternative Universe. So technically I’m only using their names but that’s about it 😉

Well I guess that’s it, oh and if you’re curious to how I look well this is me, look below.


Bye for now!